Will maintaining my AC system according to manufacturer’s spec’s prevent the oil-based efficiency losses you are referring to?

No, it will not. Regardless of how well you maintain your AC system, the fact is, there will always be oil from the compressor contaminating the rest of your system. A repair against this is still required.

Can a routine AC service prevent this type of efficiency loss?

The sole problem that drives this efficiency loss occurs inside the sealed network of copper piping. Clogged oil is not something that can be prevented nor removed as part of a normal service unless your servicing technician includes EnviroTemp as part of it.

Does oil carryover happen to every AC system?

Yes, regardless of what brand air conditioner you have, how much you paid for it, or how well you look after it, every time you use it - for heating or cooling - small quantities of oil circulate through the system clogging the pipe surfaces just a bit more.

What can happen if I don’t repair my chiller?

An unrepaired chiller will continue to underperform and use more energy as it will still attempt to perform to the parameters set within your BMS system. If your chiller continues to overwork itself, it could lead to greater wear and tear, more breakdowns and worst-case scenario a failure.

Can’t I adjust my BMS parameters to compensate instead of repairing my system?

Simple answer, No! Your chiller performance is down due to oil restricting the refrigerants’ ability to efficiently transfer heat. That problem is still there, by telling it to produce even better temperatures will only make it work harder and struggle more and unnecessarily subjecting your chiller to greater risk of damage.

Is the oil carryover damaging my system?

Just like high cholesterol will damage our health over time, oil clogging will damage your chiller system by making it work harder than it needs to, drive up energy consumption, lead to costly repairs and potentially a complete failure. EnviroTemp is a simple, cost effective repair that can easily help overcome these potential problems.

Is the clogged oil dirty, can it harm my system once it’s removed?

There could be contamination within the system that could become dislodged once the carryover oil has been removed. However, providing your filtration system is operating correctly, it will filter out any nasties and prevent them from ongoing circulation. Prior to installing EnviroTemp, all systems undergo a full health inspection and review of past maintenance and repairs and if necessary, an oil sample will be taken for lab evaluation.

My AC system is old, why bother repairing it with EnviroTemp?

Just because it may be old doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be efficient. If it’s still in good working order it has stood the test of time and could last even longer. Given its age, it may have already reached its maximum efficiency loss, if so, it has the potential to achieve better performance improvements and energy savings for you. And if you were to replace the system with another, it will be history repeating itself, it will still develop efficiency losses. Repair your current system and save on capital expenditure.

What if my chiller technician says I don’t need the repair?

Some technicians may not fully understand how and why EnviroTemp works. Recently we completed an exceptionally large installation in an industrial chiller. The well-known company contracted to service the unit stated that the system will have no carry over of oil. We believe that statement may have been made as they were not too familiar with oil carry over and the ability of our product. Naturally, our client guarantee protects the customer in the event we are unable to provide the efficiency improvements claimed. Upon adding EnviroTemp into the system it removed a staggering 90+ litres of carryover oil. The result for the customer was a massive efficiency improvement of over 18%.

Can you prove EnviroTemp has made my system more efficient?

Yes. And how that will be performed will be dependant on the BMS equipment you may already have, the size of your entire HVAC system and whether third-party refrigeration-based monitoring equipment is needed.

Will I have to add more EnviroTemp next year, or in the future?

Once EnviroTemp is established within the system, the system itself will no longer need an EnviroTemp top up, unless a component has been replaced or added. Small quantities of EnviroTemp remain within the circulating oil which adds further protection to the system and improves conductive of the oil itself. If the oil is replaced with new oil, we recommend a top-up of 1%.

My chiller is new, should I still consider EnviroTemp?

Definitely. Adding EnviroTemp into a new chiller will prevent the inevitable efficiency losses due to oil carryover from occurring. This means you are not losing costly efficiency and not adding unnecessary wear and tear.

Are there other products like EnviroTemp?

EnviroTemp and its sister product CryoGenX (4th generation product AKA PermaFrost) is the only proprietary product backed by 4 separate patents. To our knowledge there are no other competitor proprietary products available. There are however copycat products that rely on expired patents or so-called trade secrets which reflect outdated technologies, none of which appear to have their own current patents.

If it’s so good, then why don’t the manufacturers install it from new?

EnviroTemp is a combination of repair and prevention. In the case of an existing system EnviroTemp will repair the systems lost efficiency by removing the clogged oil. In the case of new systems EnviroTemp will prevent the build-up of oil from occurring therefore preventing oil-based efficiency losses. As such this will extend the life of the equipment for several reasons such as reduced friction and reduced runtime. If one manufacturer decided to include EnviroTemp at the time of manufacturing, it would not only add to the costs but also extend the life of the unit beyond the normal running life of competitors units. This will cost the manufacturer future profits. Alternatively, the manufacturer could include EnviroTemp and simply charge more for the unit upfront, however in today’s highly competitive marketplace charging more is clearly not the preferred option.

Can using EnviroTemp void my warranty?

Not at all. The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) prohibits any manufacturer from voiding a warranty just because a third-party product is used. If you choose to have EnviroTemp installed into your air conditioning system; your manufacturer cannot use this as a reason to void the warranty. Anyone who tells you this is breaching Australian Consumer Law and should be reported to the ACCC for appropriate action to be taken.