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Chillers are a delicate piece of equipment requiring fine tuning and care to maintain maximum efficiency.  In most cases, energy consumed within chiller plant excluding other HVAC components can represent a huge percentage of a site’s total energy consumption, somewhere between 25-35%.  Therefore, the chillers efficiency and the optimisation of their performance within the total HVAC system is detrimental in achieving a high-performance package.


Most facility managers and building owners tend to focus more budget on mainstream upgrade and maintenance solutions.  The mainstream approach is the preferred option because they tend to represent the more widely used solutions hence the more common and more routinely recommended by service contractors, energy consultants and so forth.  These solutions tend to include calibration of control sensors, keeping heat exchangers clean and maintaining the water circuit free from water fouling where a layer of fouling as slight as 0.6mm can increase energy consumption by 20%. 

EnviroTemp Better Than Mainstream Soluti


EnviroTemp Thermo Conductive Refrigerant

Almost always overlooked is the seriousness in which performance can be affected by lubricating oil carryover into the condenser and evaporator.  A far more common problem than most people think.  But physics states if oil is used as the lubricant, there will be carry-over into the condenser and evaporator and there will be efficiency losses.

The carryover oil will coat all surfaces throughout the condenser and evaporator. In the condenser it will reduce heat transfer and its capacity by the amount of its own volume while in the evaporator it will insulate the surfaces’ ability to efficiently transfer heat resulting in high temperatures on the low side of the system.  In total, the chillers overall cooling capacity becomes affected and your energy consumption goes up.   


The degradation of a chillers performance (efficiency) because of oil carry-over can be quite significant and warrants your immediate attention.  Below is a graph that shows the relationship between oil within the evaporator and the corresponding performance loss.

Chiller Performance Loss Graph v2.png

EnviroTemp is a highly conductive oil-based product which is added directly into the oil circuit of your chiller.  Once in, it will carry over with the refrigerant into the condenser and evaporator where it will replace the oil attached to the surface with its thermo-conductive molecular structure.  Once EnviroTemp molecules are attached, they will prevent further accumulations, resulting in better performance, capacity, and energy efficiency.

EnviroTemp is safe, will not harm your system, provides long term protection and fast ROI’s. In most cases, a top-up of EnviroTemp is only needed when new oil is added into the system.  As the new oil being added does not contain EnviroTemp’s thermo-conductive molecular structure, we recommend a 1% ratio of EnviroTemp to new oil being added.  This will allow the circulating oil to act as an ongoing vitamin to your system.


Your Chillers Heat Transfer

Before vs After EnviroTemp

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Copper Tubing - BEFORE.png
Oil (Black) circulating with refrigerant (Blue) continues to clog & contaminate surfaces.
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon


Copper Tubing - AFTER.png
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon
EnviroTemp Further Info Icon

Please note in the case of flooded systems the oil carryover is on the outside of the above tubes.


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