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...from humble beginings...

From Humble Beginings

It all started in 1998 when Uncle Tony, the brainchild behind our unique energy saving technology said, “Enrico you should start selling our product Down Under, our energy prices are too high, it’s an extremely hot country, everyone needs air conditioning and refrigeration, we can save them money and make them more comfortable”.

So, in 2001 we brought the product to Australia.  From our humble beginnings we ran a few tests so we could show prospective clients some local results.  From our first test site at Galipo Foods to our first commercial client, The Hyatt Regency Hotel at North Tce Adelaide.  Shortly after completing our product upgrades to refrigeration plant at the Hyatt Hotel, we began works with the Crown Casino in Melbourne and a major banking group.   Within a year all refrigeration plant at the casino was utilising our products, we completed chiller work at the banks head office, a multi-story tower in Melbourne CBD and started rolling out the product into suburban bank branches. 

Tony Sgarbi with Enrico Sgarbi

From that point on our family business began to prosper, our products started gaining traction our client base started to blossom and has grown ever since. 

EnviroTemp’s clients now include cold storage facilities, banks, hospitals, shopping centres, grocery stores, hotels, multi-story office buildings, stadiums, councils, court houses, wineries, power companies, homeowners, energy consultants, air conditioning and refrigeration sales, service, and repair companies.  As Australian energy prices continue to grow and our demands on air conditioning and refrigeration continue to increase, our client list is never stagnant and continues to grow in all directions across the whole of Australia.

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