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EnviroTemp for Homes

Reverse cycle air conditioning excellent for comfort, poor for energy consumption. Why? All AC systems regardless of brand or frequency of servicing will lose up to 30% energy and performance efficiency in the first few years, driving up your energy costs and increasing wear and tear.

EnviroTemp can restore lost efficiency. Better efficiency means better comfort, less energy, less wear and tear.


Proven on the spot or its free.

An efficient air conditioning system means it’s performing well, keeps you comfortable and doesn’t use excess energy.  Can mean the difference between a home you want to be in and one you want to get away from.


Our special EnviroTemp guarantee means you have nothing to lose! Your EnviroTemp specialist will prove 2-8 degrees better efficiency on the spot or have it for free.




EnviroTemp for commercial air conditioning


Air Conditioning, first-class for staff and customer comfort.  Inevitable efficiency losses along with lengthy operating hours can result in AC equipment being overworked, unnecessary energy wastage, increased energy costs, reduced reliability and more frequent breakdowns.

EnviroTemp can overcome efficiency losses, improve performance and provide ongoing protection to AC equipment.

Guaranteed results & quick ROI’s

Comfort in commercial premises is an uncompromised necessity for ensuring everyone’s comfort, as such the typical air conditioning system will get heavy daily workouts. The slightest efficiency loss can have a multiplying effect on energy consumption, wear and tear and breakdowns.

EnviroTemp’s unique patented formula improves efficiency, better efficiency means lower energy consumption and better comfort. 

Envirotemp for chillers of all sizes

Chillers, essential for commercial properties, responsible for keeping tenants, staff, guests, patients, spectators comfortable. 

The single largest consumer of electricity, combined with inescapable efficiency losses, energy costs can easily blow out the budget.

EnviroTemp can control “refrigerant side” efficiency losses where losses of up to 30% can occur within a few short years.

Guaranteed efficiency gains.

A chillers efficiency is dependent on numerous components working efficiently together, in particular heat transfer.  Oil based chillers will overtime lose significant amounts of heat transfer efficiency due to oil migration and accumulation within the refrigeration circuit.


EnviroTemp can overcome a large percentage of these efficiency losses by thermo-conductively removing accumulated oil and provide protection for the future.  Your net gain is less energy is needed to produce the desired chilled water effect.



Maintaining correct refrigeration temperatures especially during periods of high demand can be difficult when systems are not operating at peak efficiency levels.  Refrigeration systems, in most cases operate most of the day, some as much as 24/7, thus being effected by efficiency losses of up to 40% will have a multiplying effect on your energy consumption and bill and lead to more frequent breakdowns.


EnviroTemp gets to the core of efficiency losses, the refrigeration circuit, where most gains can be made. The benefit to you is better control of your refrigeration and less energy.

EnviroTemp for refrigeration systems large and small.

Refrigeration, can be as high as a staggering 85% of a business’s energy costs.  Refrigerant side efficiency is critical in successfully meeting production demands and controlling energy costs.  If not managed properly, efficiency losses can be as high as 40%

or more.


EnviroTemp helps overcome refrigerant side efficiency losses, providing better production capabilities & energy management .

Improved efficiency & quick ROI’s.

Commercial & Industrial

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