Mrs Washington, Port Adelaide SA

Ms D Washington. Read how this customer was converted from a skeptic to a firm believer who is now enjoying much better comfort and efficiency from her reverse cycle system.

During the summer we were very skeptical and thought we were probably wasting our money, however we had Envirotemp done to our fully ducted house air conditioner and very much to our surprise we found it made a very big difference to the performance during summer. Even more surprising is how effective it has been during this winter. In both seasons we have been able to turn on our air conditioner and after having it on for a shortish period of time have been able to turn it off. Previously the system had proved completely inadequate for our needs and required running continually.

We would like to commend you on your product and thank you very much for it is rare today to spend a considerable amount of money and find what has been promised is actually achieved.

Kind regards
Dorothy Washington