L Byner

Adelaide radio icon, Leon Byner has been a fan of EnviroTemp for many years now, read about his early experiences when first using EnviroTemp.

To Whom It May Concern,

In November 2008 I was approached by the EnviroTemp team at Enviro Energy Savers to become their on air media spokesman for product promotion of EnviroTemp on Radio Saa where I host Adelaide’s top rating morning show.

Naturally the product captured my interest and I certainly wanted to believe it would do what they were claiming it Would, however in respect to my loyal listeners who take my promotion very seriously I had to be certain, on my own, that EnviroTemp stacked up to the claims that were being made.

As EnviroTemp and anything relative to the preservation of our environment is very precious to me I agreed to become the spokesman providi.ng the team could demonstrate to me, beyond any doubt that EnviroTemp does perform as claimed. Without hesitation the entire Enviro Temp team jumped to task and offered a full demonstration in my own home.

Several days later the team arrived at my residence and proceeded to demonstrate EnviroTemp on every one of my four separate reverse cycle split systems. EnviroTemping of each system did not take more than 30 minutes and to my amazement I could feel the difference in the air as it began producing a crisper and cooler feel. The team also took temperature readings before and after injection of EnviroTemp from the air vent leaving outlet at each system in order for me to see with my own eyes the improvement in the temperature the systems could now produce, on average my systems delivered colder air by 6 degrees following installation of EnviroTemp.

While I did believe in the product from the start I can now see and feel for myself that it does measure up to its claims. Following this demonstration I accepted EnviroTemp’s offer of becoming their spokesman and have been to date since December 2008.

Since then I have received a quarterly power bill and decided to compare it against last year’s and was truly amazed at what I saw. With the only thing changing from one year to the next being EnviroTemp, nothing else was done to change my power consumption, my bill had dropped by over $99.00! This is an overwhelming result for not only me but my listeners too.

EnviroTemp is an ongoing advertiser within my show where the team draws a lot of business from, given my show is geared to listeners who want to talk about good things, problems they are having or to ask a hand in helping them out, we have never received a complaint whether on air or off in regards to an EnviroTemp installation not living up to the claims the team make nor the ones I promote on air.

EnviroTemp is a fantastic energy saving solution for any type of reverse cycle air conditioning system; they’ve proven it to me and my listeners and consequently I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending EnviroTemp.

Leon Byner