J Cordeaux

Mr J Cordeaux, Adelaide radio icon, read about his EnviroTemp experience and his advice to others thinking about it.

To Whom It May Concern
I am delighted to write this reference or testimonial for Envirotemp.
Like many people I had heard the Envirotemp commercial but put off doing something about it until I received a particularly outrageous electricity bill.
I ran through exactly what “the deal” was with Enrico, the head of Envirotemp and was obviously impressed.
So impressed, I signed up right there on the spot!
They guaranteed a significant improvement in the efficiency of my refrigerated air-conditioning system. I witnessed an improvement of over five degrees on my system.
Now when you consider that sixty percent of my electricity bill is made up of my heating and cooling needs this is a really significant saving.
Keep in mind that Envirotemp will demonstrate your improvement in efficiency or the treatment is free.
I also noticed that I will make savings on service requirements for my air-conditioning and I also noticed that the outdoor unit was running noticeably quieter.
I could not think of anyone with a refrigerated system who would not benefit from using Envirotemp.
The service was prompt, efficient and delivered everything I expected.
I heartily recommend you talk to the team at Envirotemp.
As you may have noticed, I am now doing commercials for them as I really believe their product is one whose time has come. We all need more efficiency when it comes to our use of electricity so do investigate.
Jeremy N Cordeaux