B Pearson, Newton SA

Read how this customer, an Energy Assessor for AGL has been able to turn the improved efficiencies EnviroTemp has been able to provided him into a massive 30% energy savings!

I had Envirotemp installed into our home’s R/C A/C compressor last year and wanted to share my story with you. My wife, Anita, who was home at the time, told me the technician who conducted the installation was prompt in arriving, professional and friendly. Apparently he took a temperature reading from the heater’s air outlet in the lounge‐room before and after the installation and the difference was an 8C degree increase. What a huge difference this made to heating up our house.

Since installing Envirotemp I am pleased to tell you that instead of taking up to 2 hours to heat my home from 14C to 20C, it now only takes 1 hour and that’s with the unit’s thermostat set on the lowest setting of 15C degrees. I then turn off the unit and keep the doors closed, although with two small children, this can be quite challenging. For cooling it’s much the same. I can reduce my homes inside temperature of 28C degrees to 24C degrees in just over 1 hour when the outside temperature is 38 – 40C degrees and the air conditioners thermostat is set at 25C degrees.

By my calculations Envirotemp has helped reduce my a/c running costs by more than 30%. The other maintenance I perform on the unit is;

A) Ensuring the intake filter is kept clean
B) Turning the outlet vents from winter heating to summer cooling
C) Ensuring no debris is preventing clear airflow from the outside compressor unit
D) Turning off the unit from the mains box when not in use

We also tend to use the overhead fans in the house, between 24C – 28C degrees, before we turn the a/c unit on and this has saved me another 20% on my energy usage.

I work as an accredited Energy Assessor in Adelaide’s East and North Eastern suburbs for AGL through the company Ecovantage Pty Ltd and I must tell the above story to 2‐3 clients in their homes daily. Unfortunately most clients have never heard of redirecting/turning their outlet vents twice a year, and are really pleased to learn this, but they have heard about Envirotemp on the radio station 5AA. I am happy to explain to them how it works and how to contact your company for a booking.

Some have even sent me a kind thank you for the information, as they have gone ahead and installed Envirotemp, as one of my recommendations to reduce their energy use, and are amazed at their savings. In truth, installing Envirotemp is the only way to increase a home’s air conditioners energy efficiency and in saying so all householders with reverse cycle air conditioning should have this product installed.

Thank you for bringing Envirotemp to South Australia and please feel free to use this letter as a true endorsement of your product.

Bay Pearson