The Green Solution

Read our Technology Report on how a one-time energy saving solution can help overcome natural efficiency losses that drive up energy costs which occur in many different types of air conditioning systems.

The Green Solution That Improves Comfort, Saves Money & Energy

One-time energy saving solution overcomes natural efficiency losses in HVAC

Enrico Sgarbi,

Energy consumption is one of the single biggest expenses in managing the budget, regardless of whether it’s in the home, office, shopping centre or anywhere that requires energy. Maintaining comfort poses the biggest impact on how much energy is actually used AND even wasted. Comfort, in many cases is a necessity and not a luxury, can be costing as much as 50% of a sites total energy consumption.

Regardless of your source of energy, whether it comes from the power companies, the sun or even the wind, the key objective is to reduce how much is actually needed. The more you reduce the more money you have in your pocket, irrespective whether your energy comes from a retailer where your savings translates into a lower power bill or it comes from the sun or the wind where you can actually sell back what you don’t use.

Many homes and businesses manage their comfort through one form of air conditioning or another with the most popular being refrigeration based systems such as 1) the typical reverse cycle air conditioning system as found in many homes, offices, shopping centres, councils etc. and 2) chillers which tend to be used in areas such as large office buildings, exhibition centres, hospitals, airports to name a few.

Most people already know air conditioning chews up a lot of energy and can account for up to 50% of a sites energy consumption BUT, not many people know that refrigeration based systems lose a significant amount of energy efficiency within the first few years. This loss of energy efficiency drives up the costs of maintaining your comfort even further.

ASHRAE, the international group of air conditioning and refrigeration engineers have studied energy efficiency losses with such equipment for decades and have confirmed that oil fouling can account for up to a 30% reduction in efficiency within the first few years.

ASHRAE has documented that a system will lose about 7% of its efficiency within the first year of operation, 5% the second year and a further 2% per year thereafter. This loss will continue until equilibrium is reached between the flow force and adhesion (surface tension). Once this is achieved the thickness of the clogged layer of oil has reached its maximum, thus producing the maximum efficiency loss of between 20-30%.

Oil fouling occurs in every piece of refrigerated equipment, reverse cycle air conditioning and chillers; as a result every single user is wasting up to 20-30% of their energy, perhaps without even knowing it.

Why continue to waste energy when something can be done? EnviroTemp is your solution!

EnviroTemp is a family invented one of a kind, patented (US Patent No. 6276147), owned and manufactured product that is designed specifically to overcome and prevent the effects of oil fouling in new and existing equipment. With the global push for reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and lowering the impact of skyrocketing energy costs EnviroTemp is taking the world by storm. With a long list of active users from individual residential home owners to internationally recognised Top 100 companies EnviroTemp is the only product that restores these lost efficiencies and prevents further losses. A one-time application of EnviroTemp can last the life of the unit and provide efficiency improvements and energy savings between 8%-20%. Having a fast return on investment Australian business owners and managers have been taking advantage of EnviroTemp for over 10 years now.

EnviroTemp is a thermo-conductive oil based product that is added directly into the oil reservoir of the compressor. At a ratio of 1 part EnviroTemp to 10 parts OEM oil, once in, EnviroTemp quickly mixes with the existing lubricating oil to circulate through the system. Once mixed within the circulation EnviroTemp’s thermo-conductive molecular structure begins to breakdown the layers of clogging oil. The once clogged oil is now back into circulation where it should be to lubricate and protect the systems vital moving parts. Better heat transfer is now produced, resulting in better output temperatures of 2-8.

Great news for the customer, now with the system able to produce better temperatures the desired comfort level is achieved much more quickly resulting in the compressor needing to operate less (ramp down in the case of Inverters, VRV’s etc.) therefore using less kWh’s.

For more information contact EnviroTemp or your local EnviroTemp partner, dealer or representative.