Fast Return on Investment

EnviroTemp, when installed into a properly sized and maintained unit with reasonable operational time can provide a return on investment of no greater than two years.

Currently the refrigerant side of your system is operating less efficient than it could be, as little as 8% or worse. This is regardless of how many energy saving initiatives you are using. Reason is, EnviroTemp is the ONLY proprietary refrigerant side energy solution available, other solutions you may have in place or are considering will more than likely be Electrical, Mechanical, Water or Air based. Consequent to this, you are currently spending money on unnecessary energy costs due to efficiency losses within your refrigerant side. These losses could be diverted to fund your EnviroTemp installation.

Providing your system is adequately sized, not in need of major repair and overall it is relatively healthy the energy savings you can achieve by using EnviroTemp can in most cases provide you with a two year return on investment, OR BETTER! If perhaps due to your geographic location and or the nature of your business you rely heavily on the cooling abilities of your system e.g. your are in a hot climate, you operate 24/7 and so forth, you may achieve a considerably quicker return on your investment.