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Hi, this is Enrico, thank you for visiting this page. If you are interested in providing your clients with a unique and proven energy and comfort solution please continue reading, I am certain you will be glad you did.

EnviroTemp sells its energy solutions for residential, commercial and automotive/transport applications direct to end users and through a series of dealers.

Who can become an EnviroTemp dealer?

EnviroTemp, due to growing demand for our products is recruiting suitable companies to join our network of EnviroTemp dealers. Part of our corporate ethos is to invest in our dealers by providing them considerable market opportunities, to do so effectively we limit the amount of dealers available in each region. Potential dealers do include but not limited to air conditioning retailers, air conditioning maintenance companies, trade suppliers, energy consulting firms and engineers, consultants who perhaps are sole traders. Prospective dealers will ideally have the desire for a competitive edge, experience in HVAC, an understanding of the industry, a good working relationship with current clients, the desire to expand an existing client base and the drive to promote EnviroTemp to all suitable clients.

Why join the EnviroTemp family of dealers?

Competitive advantage
Firstly how many companies do you know out there already selling the same or similar energy solutions for HVAC? These solutions will be either Electrical, Mechanical, Water or Air side based. You won’t have to think hard, I bet you know a lot of them! So, what does that mean, simple, it means energy conservation is a very cut throat industry and saturated with solutions. What you need is a competitive advantage, EnviroTemp is just that!

Family owned product
EnviroTemp is a proprietary, family owned and manufactured energy saving solution that responds to a particular type of efficiency loss that occurs in every single oil based air conditioning, chiller and refrigeration system out there. Unlike the countless number of Electrical, Mechanical, Water and Air side solutions already saturating the marketplace, EnviroTemp is the only “proprietary” REFRIGERANT SIDE ENERGY SOLUTION.

Unique product
Why is a refrigerant side energy solution needed? Let me explain. Every system over time will lose efficiency, regardless of what brand it is, how much was paid for it and how well it’s been looked after. Regardless of how many other solutions have already been applied or are about to, these systems will still lose efficiency, the other solutions can do nothing about it because they are not refrigerant side, ONLY ENVIROTEMP IS!

All systems will lose efficiency
EnviroTemp is the only product that overcomes the effects of oil fouling. As studied over many years and documented by ASHRAE, oil fouling can lead to considerable efficiency losses which significantly increase energy use and wear and tear. In the case of air conditioning and chillers oil fouling can dramatically reduce comfort and in refrigeration it can cause the unit to take longer to get product down to the right temperature.

Enormous market potential
So, look out your window, take notice the next time you’re out and about, have a look at all the buildings, offices, shops, homes, apartment buildings, grocery stores and so forth that are there. Every one of them will more than likely have one form or another of air conditioning and refrigeration. As I said earlier, due to global saturation of other solutions, they probably already have one form of energy solution or another but guess what? THEY WON’T HAVE A REFRIGERANT SIDE SOLUTION, SO EVERYONE CAN BE A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER OF YOURS.

If you would like to learn more about how EnviroTemp can add value to your business please contact us here.